Hot Water Burn

Hot water burns is a second degrees burn which might result in formation of blisters.


Seek immediate medical attention if the burn area is larger than a 20c coin, or blistered!

    Remove clothing over the burn area as clothes can hold in the heat and make the burn worse.
    Remove any accessories over the burn area, as scalds quickly cause swelling.
    Place the burn area in cool water or over running cool water for about 20 minutes, or longer. Cooling the burn area is very important as it prevents the heat from burning into the skin’s deeper layers.
    After cooling the skin, cover the burn area with a clean, damp cotton cloth. This will help to reduce pain.
    Raise burned limbs to increase blood circulation.


    Do not peel off any clothing that is stuck to the burn.
    Do not break any blisters
    Do not use butter, oils, toothpaste, creams or ointments to cover the burn. The use of anesthetic creams or sprays is not recommended, since they may slow healing.

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