Electrical Burn

A person with an electrical burn (for example, from a power line) should go to the hospital right away. Electrical burns often cause serious injury inside the body. This injury may not show on the skin.

Electrical burns are a direct result of electric current passing through a body by coming into contact with a live electrical circuit. The effects of electrical burns are often unseen, due to internal damage.
The current causes the most damage where the electricity enters and exits your body.

When you are burned, your tissue gets damaged and begins to die. Your muscles, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and bones may also get damaged. You may have a fast heartbeat, reddish urine, or be dizzy and confused. With treatment, you may have less pain, tissue damage, or infections caused by germs called bacteria. You may be able to return to work or your normal daily activities sooner than without treatment.


    Request assistance from trained medical personnel to quickly help the fallen victim. Time is of the essence here and could mean the survival of the victim.
    Stay on the phone with emergency personnel until the ambulance arrives assist you. You may be able to assist them on the phone by relaying vital signs like if the victim is breathing and their pulse rate.
    A good tip is to elevate their feet slightly above the head, but do not move the victim.

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